Part 5

Newly Diagnosed: Moving an Unfamiliar Body (Part 5/5)

Managing the physical symptoms of MS. Be able to list, describe, and recognize the most common symptoms in MS. Learn the medical and rehabilitation strategies for managing physical symptoms of MS. Understand the role of consistent exercise and physical activity in maintaining optimal mobility over the course of your disease.

Part 3

Newly Diagnosed: Mood, Cognition, and Fatigue (Part 3/5)

The impact of the invisible MS triad. Understanding the interrelationship between fatigue, mood and cognition and how these symptoms impact daily activities and relationships. Learn tools and strategies to manage these common symptoms. 

Part 2

Newly Diagnosed: Employment and Finances (Part 2/5)

Managing MS in the work place and in the wallet. In this session we will go over the key factors in disclosure decision in the workplace. In addition you will learn 3 strategies for maintaining employment in the face of MS changes and become familiar with key resources for vocational and financial planning. 

Part 1

Newly Diagnosed: Getting the Facts Straight (Part 1/5)

What is MS and how can it impact your life? In this session you will understand the basic facts about multiple sclerosis, become familiar with the members of the healthcare team and recognize the importance of health and wellness. 

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Are We There Yet?

A cure for multiple sclerosis.  That is what we all want, correct?  While we have not reached the cure yet, we are getting closer.  When we think about a cure for multiple sclerosis, that term may mean different things to different people.  To those who are newly diagnosed, a cure might mean a completely effective therapy that would completely eliminate any risk of relapses, new lesions on MRI, or progression of disability.  For those who have been dealing with multiple sclerosis for a while and may have accumulated some disability, the cure would mean stopping any further progression and erasing any disability.  Admittedly, we have come a long way since 1992 when there were no FDA approved treatment options for multiple sclerosis.  So where are we right now with current research in multiple sclerosis?

Max Excerpt

Way to #KickMS, Max!

Meet Max McClorey. Max is one of MS Global’s power fundraisers and has raised more than $10,000 that goes directly to providing scholarship for families with MS.

Kyra Millich

I am newly diagnosed with MS and recalibrating my life.

Maria B

I am newly diagnosed and determined to allow MS to beat me!

Managing MS Early: Get Ahead of the Disease

Have you recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis? Or, do you have questions on how to stay proactive and get ahead of the disease? Participate in this webinar and Can Do MS Program Consultants Deborah Miller and Linda Walls will offer you an opportunity to evaluate yourself and be prepared to manage changes that a diagnosis of MS may have on you. Specifically we will address your physical, emotional and social well-being, and offer suggestions on how these areas can impact your ability to stay in control of your lifestyle.

Managingmsearly Library

Managing Multiple Sclerosis Early

Learning how to manage the physical changes you may experience as a newly diagnosed person living with MS can be a major challenge.

Nutrition Library

Healthy Eating & Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease which affects the function of the brain, spinal cord and/or the nerves to the eyes. Many patients who suffer from MS look for ways to improve and increase their quality of lives. Good nutrition is among the cornerstones of health-promotion activities. Maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly are essential for promoting wellness and well-being and enhancing quality of life.



Live, virtual workshop to help you meet your personal wellness goals, connect with the MS community, and receive guidance from MS professionals.