0917 Program Insolation And Covid

Multiple Sclerosis Summit on Infections and Immunizations in the Era of COVID-19

Join NeurologyLive®, the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC), and Can Do MS for a 90-minute virtual summit where experts in immunology, virology, and neurology discuss infections and MS, the persistence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the impact of viral variants, the current vaccine landscape, and DMT guidance in a joint forum tailored for healthcare providers as well as patients and caregivers.

Invisible Symptoms Small 1

Fatigue, Pain, Depression, Cognitive Changes: Invisible Symptoms of MS

Can MS be invisible?

With symptoms like fatigue, depression, and cognitive dysfunction, many people with MS are fighting battles that others can’t see. How do you manage these symptoms? Why do they occur? And what do you do when other people are saying to you, “But you look so good!”?

12 December Hot Topics In Ms For 2022

Emerging Research: Key Takeaways and Ideas for You


Rosalind Kalb, PhD
Mandy Rohrig, PT, DPT
Kathy Zackowski, PhD, OTR

As we head into the New Year, it’s exciting to look back at the progress that’s been made through MS research in 2021. Participants and their support partners will hear about new developments in MS treatments, wellness interventions, rehabilitation strategies, and mood and cognition management strategies.

11 November Stress

Managing Stress


Lindie Schreiner, PTA
Ken Nowack, PhD

The holidays are filled with joy, gratitude, and loved ones…but they can also be stressful.  What do we know about stress and MS and the potential ways to help manage it? 

10 October Staying Well This Winter

Webinar: Staying Physically & Emotionally Well This Winter


Lucille Carriere, PhD, MSCS
Rosalind Kalb, PhD
Denise Bruen, ANP-BC, MSN, MSCN

We made it to the last quarter of the year!  We’ve taken small steps toward being more in control of our MS and our lives.  But now the days are getting shorter and colder, we may not feel as good, and depression can creep in.  So what do we know about the impacts of winter on our MS, as well as mood, socialization, safety, health, and happiness?  Focus on positive psychology.

Webinar Whats New In Ms Comprehensive Care Color Boosted

What's New in MS Comprehensive Care ?


Rosalind Kalb, PhD
John Schafer, MD, FAAN

Thanks to continual research, our understanding of MS is always growing.  Learn the latest on this disease, its causes, and ways to build your healthcare team. Plus, find more reasons than ever to feel hopeful about the future. 

Part 5

Newly Diagnosed: Moving an Unfamiliar Body (Part 5/5)

Managing the physical symptoms of MS. Be able to list, describe, and recognize the most common symptoms in MS. Learn the medical and rehabilitation strategies for managing physical symptoms of MS. Understand the role of consistent exercise and physical activity in maintaining optimal mobility over the course of your disease.

Part 1

Newly Diagnosed: Getting the Facts Straight (Part 1/5)

What is MS and how can it impact your life? In this session you will understand the basic facts about multiple sclerosis, become familiar with the members of the healthcare team and recognize the importance of health and wellness. 

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Shared Decision Making in Multiple Sclerosis

MS can present a slew of challenges to health and wellness. Addressing these challenges requires frequent and often complex decisions. An overwhelming amount of information can make this decision making even more daunting.

6 June Travel Recreation

Traveling and Recreating in the Era of COVID-19


Megan Weigel, DNP, ARNP-C, MSCN
Stephanie Nolan, OTR/L

The summer opens up possibilities to nourish your mind, body, and soul.  MS can create challenges to travel and recreation, and COVID-19 will continue to present risks.  This webinar will provide guidelines and recommendations to enjoy a safe and fun summer.

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​Staying Resilient to MS Transitions

The term “resilient” has become increasingly more a part of our mainstream and popular culture vernacular.  It is a term that conjures up ideas such as determination, strength, and fortitude. But, when it comes to living with a chronic condition such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), what does resilient really mean?  The purpose of this article is to help better understand resilience, how it relates to living with MS, and ultimately how one might improve resilience.

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The Importance of Social and Physical Activity

We are better when we are connected to others. We are innately social and connection to others is a fundamental human need. We have a strong need to be loved and to belong. We connect with others through our family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, teams, clubs and more.

1 January Diet And Exercise

Diet and Exercise Updates

Life after diagnosis with multiple sclerosis (MS) can be overwhelming because  symptoms vary from person to person. Remember, there is a lot of information out there that may be misleading.  Rely on healthcare providers and valid organizations to provide factual information. Although there is no diet for curing MS, there are dietary habits that may alter the course of the disease.