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At Can Do MS, we know that the power of knowledge can transform lives and expand beliefs about what is possible.

These articles are written by our nationwide team of program consultants - renowned healthcare professionals dedicated to educating people living with MS and their support partners.  You will find valuable information and approaches covering our Six Dimensions of Wellness- Emotional Well-Being, Cognitive Well-Being; Home & Work; Diet, Exercise & Healthy Behaviors;  Relationships; and Spirituality.

These articles are provided as general educational resources and should not be interpreted as diagnoses, prognoses, or treatment suggestions.  Information and perspectives represent the views of the individual author(s); Can Do Multiple Sclerosis is not responsible for the accuracy or currency of the responses.  Readers should consult with their healthcare team.

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Discovering Your Sexual Self

By: Dr. Linda Mona, Ph.D

Discovering yourself and what feels right to you is a life-long process, one that does not have a final conclusion. Keep an open mind while learning about yourself and begin your journey to knowing the sexual person that you are!

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Exercise and Cognition: Research Updates

By: Mandy Rohrig, PT, DPT

The positive effects of exercise on our bodies are widely known - improved muscular strength, weight management, balance, cardiovascular health, and reduced risk for some cancers and type 2 diabetes, just to name a few.  These measurable physical changes are often the focus of goals and intended outcomes for exercise.  An often overlooked advantage to exercise is the benefit that exercise may have on our minds - the most magnificent “muscle” of all.

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GPS For Your MS: Initiating Your Wellness Journey

By: Stephanie Buxhoeveden, MSCN, MSN, FNP-BC & Peggy Crawford, PhD

Following the diagnosis of MS and during periods of change in your MS, it is not unusual to feel your personal GPS is out of whack and not working as well as it had in the past - or not as well as you were hoping it would. This is true whether you are the person with MS or someone who cares about you. You may feel lost, without direction, and overwhelmed with multiple choices and decisions. You may feel that little is under your control. On the other hand, MS often becomes the motivation - the “kick in the butt” so to speak - that people have needed to pursue effective wellness and healthy lifestyle strategies.

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Tips for Support Partners: Taking Care of Yourself While Caring for Your Loved One

By: Rosalind Kalb, PhD & Mandy Rohrig, PT, DPT

Living with MS can be challenging not only for the person who has MS, but also for the support partner. The support person – whether a spouse/partner, friend, sibling, or child – is “living with MS” too, but in a much different way.

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Tips and Tricks for Planning an Accessible Cruise

By: Candy B. Harrington

A cruise vacation is an excellent choice for people with multiple sclerosis. You can visit a lot of ports and only unpack once, which saves a lot of energy. Additionally, since todays cruise ships offer a variety of healthy menu options and state-of-the-art exercise facilities, it’s easy to stay in shape while at sea.

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Couples Living with MS

By: David Rintell, Ed.D, Can Do MS Programs Consultant

“In sickness and in health.” Although we make this vow in earnest, when we marry (or commit to each other), we do not expect that chronic illness will enter our lives.  The diagnosis of MS is life altering, not only for the patient, but also for her or his partner.

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Be Active in the Summer Heat

By: Pat Kennedy, RN, CNP, MSCN, Can Do MS Nurse Educator & Programs Consultant

Summertime sometimes makes living a challenge. Many of us live by our routines that often take a hiatus in the summer months. Others find summer more difficult due to the heat so we spend far too much time indoors in our homes to escape the summer’s heat.

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MS and the Family

By: Peggy Crawford, PhD, Can Do MS Programs Consultant

MS comes with many challenges for both the individual and family living with MS. As a chronic condition, MS is present every day even when medication is taken, stretches are done, and a positive attitude is maintained. 

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Want To Get Away?

By: Pat Kennedy, RN, CNP, MSCN, Can Do MS Nurse Educator & Programs Consultant

When you face physical limitations, traveling can seem like an insurmountable task. You think about “how do I get about if my walking is unsteady?” “How do I manage my bladder problems?”

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How to Talk to Others About Living with MS

By: Pat Kennedy, RN, CNP, MSCN, Can Do MS Nurse Educator & Programs Consultant

Being diagnosed with MS or being told your loved one is diagnosed is like being told a secret. You can keep the information to yourself or share it with everyone you meet. Neither of these are good long-term solutions to help you live a quality life.

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