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Get Motivated to Get Organized

By: Juliann Hanson-Zlatev, OTR & David Rintell, EdD

There are few things as discouraging as feeling like you cannot keep up with your daily life and the mountain of “stuff” you have to do. These days, people live busy lives, and people living with MS have even more to organize – such as appointments, paperwork, medication schedules, to name a few. On top of that, MS fatigue can make it even more difficult to keep up. The good news is - there are many ways to become more organized and become more productive!

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Managing Your Mood and Cognition issues with MS

By: Peggy Crawford, PhD & Jeff Hodgson, SLP

Some symptoms in MS, such as changes in mood and cognition, seem to be more challenging than other symptoms for individuals with MS and the people who care about them. There are several factors that likely contribute to the challenging nature of these symptoms.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Medical Visit

By: David Rintell, EdD & Lynn Stazzone, RN, BSN, MSN, NP

Stay healthier by becoming an active member of your own healthcare team! Multiple sclerosis is a complex neurological disease which often changes over time. There are now many treatments which can modify the disease, called DMTs or disease modifying treatments. There are also many treatments which help to improve or alleviate symptoms. Although the new treatment options are hopeful, understanding all of the potential benefits and risks to these treatments can sometimes be overwhelming.

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