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Spasticity: Friend, Foe, or Indifferent Acquaintance

By: Gail Hartley, MSN, NP, MSCN & Kathy San Martino, PT, NCS, MSCS, ATP/SMS, CLT

Spasticity, characterized by increased tightness or "tone" in the muscles and/or involuntary muscle contractions, may result when the nerves can no longer signal the muscles to maintain the balance between contraction and relaxation. It is a very common symptom in multiple sclerosis.

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The Relationship Between Exercise and Cognition

By: Mandy Rohrig, PT, DPT

As we start the New Year, we are often reminded of the importance of physical activity. A benefit of exercise that you may not have considered is the profound effect it has on the most magnificent muscle of all: your brain.

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No Easy Answers: Treatment Decision-Making in MS

By: David Jones, MD; Rosalind Kalb, PhD; Mandy Rohrig, PT, DPT

Every day you are faced with countless decisions. What should I have for breakfast? What clothes should I wear? Other decisions, of course, are more complex, such as which bill to pay first or how to strategize with a work team to impress a potential customer.

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Heat Management for MS: Avoiding the Meltdown

By: Juliann Hanson-Zlatev, OTR, Can Do MS Programs Consultant

Do you ever turn down offers of outings or social gatherings because you will get too hot? Do you stay indoors when you would rather be outside? Do you ever feel like you might just melt?

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Be Active in the Summer Heat

By: Pat Kennedy, RN, CNP, MSCN, Can Do MS Nurse Educator & Programs Consultant

Summertime sometimes makes living a challenge. Many of us live by our routines that often take a hiatus in the summer months. Others find summer more difficult due to the heat so we spend far too much time indoors in our homes to escape the summer’s heat.

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Maintaining Motivation for Exercise

By: Dr. David Engstrom, ABPP, FACP, Can Do MS Programs Consultant

Many of us face the challenge of maintaining balance in our lives. One of those challenges is being able to maintain motivation for your exercise program. 

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Preventing Falls

By: Pat Kennedy, RN, CNP, MSCN, Can Do MS Nurse Educator & Programs Consultant

The fall season is a good thing because the cooler temperatures makes it easier for people to be active.  Falling down is not a good thing.  There is growing information about falls in the general population, as well as with people living with MS or other conditions, that put them at risk

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The Snack Attack: Healthy-Snacking Tips

By: Baldwin Sanders, MS, RD, Can Do MS Programs Consultant

What does your snacking behavior look like? Are you a vending-machine junkie? Does your co-worker bring in tempting sweets made especially for you? Does your snacking generate a guilty feeling?

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Your Yearly Checklist

By: Pat Kennedy, RN, CNP, MSCN, Can Do MS Nurse Educator & Programs Consultants

Every year when I open the first page of my new calendar, I feel excited about the things that will fill my calendar over the next year. While New Years' resolutions never work for me, I do make sure the things that need to be done for my health are planned in advance. 

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Gardening Tips

By: Gail Hartley, NP, MSN, MSCN

Spring has sprung and it is time to look forward to a new season of growth. Growing a garden—whether flowers or vegetables—is a wonderful, relaxing and therapeutic way to get you in touch with Mother Nature.

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