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Your Questions Answered

Living with MS comes with a lot of questions, and many of them don't have a straightforward answer.

That's why we have an open Q&A every month, where you can learn from real people with relevant experience. We'll focus on a specific topic, feature a professional in that space, and hold an open forum for you to ask questions, receive advice, and hear from your peers with MS, too!

Check out the topic lineup and register for Your Questions Answered today!

If you attend our webinars or other programs throughout the month, this is a great opportunity to follow up on the new strategies you're trying and obstacles you run into!

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Daily Life With MS

Tuesday, August 16
(5:00-6:15pm ET)

How can I modify my favorite sports and activities? How can I make meal prep less tiring? How can I make my bathroom safer and more comfortable?

Occupational therapists know all the tricks for making life easier, more manageable, and less fatiguing. Join us to ask your questions and build your tool chest.


Pain in MS: Your Questions Answered

Tuesday, September 20
(5:00-6:15pm ET)

I heard MS doesn't cause pain; is that true? Why does it feel like my chest is being squeezed? What can I do about MS pain?

At this program, you can ask your questions and begin to develop a personalized approach to managing whatever discomforts you may have.


Sleep & MS: Your Questions Answered

Tuesday, October 18
(5:00-6:15pm ET)

"Why can't I sleep if I feel so tired? What can I do about needing to use the bathroom in the middle of the night? How many hours of sleep do I need?

Two sleep specialists are here to answer your questions about getting a good night’s sleep – falling asleep when you want to, staying asleep long enough to get a good rest, and managing any MS symptoms that are contributing to interrupted sleep. "


Sex and MS

Tuesday, November 15
(5:00-6:15pm ET)

All questions answered – no holds barred! Join us to ask or text in your questions to psychologists with expertise in intimacy, self-esteem, sexual function, and communication challenges.


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