Step Hero

STEP (Solutions To Empower People) ProgramTM

Support partners (including spouses/partners, parents, adult children, close friends) experience complex feelings and challenges related to their loved one’s MS from the time of diagnosis onward. These feelings and challenges are seldom acknowledged by the healthcare team, the person with MS, or even by themselves. 

Video Series

A team of Can Do MS psychologists and Myra and Steve Lezanic, a couple living with MS, highlight support partner challenges and communication barriers that interfere with effective partnering, as well as effective strategies to improve the partnership.


The STEP toolkits for support partners and their loved ones provide information, resources, conversation-starters, and self-advocacy tips for managing challenges related to emotional support, physical caregiving, and accessing assistance with everyday activities. 

Everyday Needs

Learn STEPs you can take to address assistance with everyday needs, while support partners learn how to recognize the impact of caregiving needs on their own physical health.


Emotional Support

Learning to recognize, acknowledge, and communicate your own feelings while listening to the needs of your partner are important STEPs toward giving and receiving support.


Physical Caregiving

Learn STEPs you can take to take care of your support partner who provides physical caregiving. Support partners will learn how to balance physical caregiving with self-care.


This program is possible thanks to the generous support of: