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JUMPSTART Your Journey

Get started with new ideas for a healthier life! 

Join us every month to meet with and learn from the MS community.

During each two-hour program, we'll focus on a specific symptom, challenge, or strategy for life with MS. Learn from professionals about the topic, then discuss and share ideas during breakout sessions.

These virtual, workshop-style programs can help you find connection and motivation in a positive environment. JUMPSTART is offered at no cost to you and easily accessed via Zoom.

Check out our complete lineup of JUMPSTART topics for 2022 and register for the series today.


To get started, sign up for the entire 2022 JUMPSTART series. You only need to register once, and you'll be ready to go for any and all JUMPSTART Programs this year. You will receive a confirmation email upon registering, plus reminder emails and/or texts before each program.


Get Started With Better Sleep

Thursday, October 13
(3:00-5:00pm ET)

Getting more sleep starts with figuring out what is contributing to the problem. Once you’ve learned how to manage the MS symptoms that are interrupting your sleep, then you can improve your sleep habits, create an optimal sleep environment, and calm your mind. Join us to get started!


Get Started With A Healthy Sex Life

Thursday, November 3
(3:00-5:00pm ET)

Have you ever wondered why your sexual self feels different? Why your body isn’t responding the way it used to? How to talk about this sensitive topic with your partner or your doctor? This program offers a unique and safe environment for working through these challenges and learning strategies to help.


These programs are possible thanks to the generous support of the following sponsors: