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When we connect with a group of people to give and receive support, amazing things happen. 

During Coaching, you'll meet a small group of people who are on similar journeys as you. Together, you'll learn from one another and your Can Do Coach® to set goals, create plans of action, and make real changes for your life! 

Sign up for the topic that interests you, and meet with your group once a week over four weeks.

Sign Up for Coaching

Sign up for any or all of the series that interest you. Please note that you are signing up to attend all four parts of the Coaching Series. For the benefit of your group and your own experience, be sure to attend all four sessions.


Wednesday, October 12 
Wednesday, October 19
Wednesday, October 26
Wednesday, November 2

(6:00-7:15pm ET)

MS fatigue is more than just being tired; you can feel exhausted, weary, weak and totally depleted without any reason. Join us for this 4-part series to gain a better understanding of your unique fatigue. We'll discuss strategies on how to boost your energy, make your activities of daily living easier, and improve your participation in the things that are important in your life. Learn concrete tips, tools and techniques to give your energy a lift!


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