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Throughout September, we celebrate Can Do Month in honor of our founder and Olympic ski medalist, Jimmie Heuga, on his birthday (September 22). 

When Jimmie was diagnosed with MS, doctors advised him to avoid physical activity because it was thought that exercise would exacerbate his symptoms. 

Being a high-caliber athlete and rebelling against his prescribed sedentary lifestyle, Jimmie began developing his own program of exercise, nutrition, and mental motivation to improve his physical condition and outlook on life with MS.

In 1984, he founded The Jimmie Heuga Center for Multiple Sclerosis, now Can Do MS, and spent years sharing and teaching the principles that transformed his life from one of uncertainty to one of an active pursuit of personal health and well-being. Today the whole person philosophy and approach that Jimmie pioneered in 1984 is acknowledged within the MS community as a standard of MS care.

Join us in honoring Jimmie's legacy today!