Healthcare Team Resources

Wellness Discussion Guide for People With MS and Their Healthcare Providers (NMSS Brochure)
Preventative Care Recommendations (NMSS Brochure) 
Frequent Topics of Discussion with an MS Nurse Practitioner (Resource) 
Tips for Successful Telemedicine (NMSS Brochure) 
Disease-Modifying Therapies for MS (NMSS Brochure) 
MS Path 2 Care 
Optimal Health With Multiple Sclerosis (Book) 
Can Do MS Guide To Lifestyle Empowerment (Book) 
Knowledge is Power (NMSS Brochure)
Managing Complex Care Needs Whenever They Occur (Webinar)
My Goals (Regular Form)
My Goals(Fillable Form)

Symptom Management Resources

Managing the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (Book) 
Symptom Management: Motor Components (Webinar)
Symptom Management: Sensory Components (Webinar)
Bladder Management (Tips)
Bowel Recommendations (Tips)
Sleep and MS (CDMS Article)
Sleep Disturbances and MS (NMSS Article)
Fatigue and Sleep (Webinar)
You Can... Get the Sleep You Need (Tips)
Energy Conservation (Tips)
Energy Management (Tips)
Speech and Swallowing: The Basic Facts (NMSS Brochure)
Managing Speech Intelligibility (Tips)
You Can Speak More Clearly (Tips)
You Can Swallow More Safely (Tips)

Strategies to Overcome Heat Intolerance (Tips)


Cognition Resources

Cognitive Changes in MS - Current Recommendations (NMSS Brochure)
Managing Cognitive Problems in MS (NMSS Brochure) 
Cognition and MS (Tips)
Striving for Cognitive Wellness (CDMS Article)
Maintain Your Brain - Pillars of Brain Health (Tips)
Word Retrieval Strategies (Tips)
Striving for Cognitive Wellness (Webinar)

Attention and Information Processing Strategies (Tips)

Learning and Memory Strategies (Tips)

Problem-Solving Flow Chart

Activities of Daily Living Resources

ADL Tools and Gadgets (Website)
Adaptive Resources (Tips)
Assistive Device Resources (Tips)
Driving With Multiple Sclerosis (NMSS Brochure)
Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (Website)
Driving With MS: A Psychological Perspective (CDMS Article)
Adaptive Driving Alliance (Website)
Tips and Links to Helpful Resources Regarding ADL's 
Employment (Webinar) 
Cooking With MS 
Occupational Therapy: Combined Exercise Resources 
Arm and Hand Exercises 
Hand Exercises 
Accessible Travel Basics (Webinar)

Emotional Wellness Resources

Building Your Resilience (Can Do Resources)
Resilience - Addressing the Challenges of MS
Strengthening Your Relationships and Intimacy (Can Do MS Webinar)
Achieving Emotional Wellness (Can Do MS Webinar)
Understanding Multiple Sclerosis and Your Emotions (NMSS Brochure)
Taming Stress (NMSS Brochure)
Cognitive Changes in MS - Current Recommendations (NMSS Brochure)
Depression and MS (NMSS Brochure) 
Landing On Your Feet When Your World Is Turned Upside Down (Webinar)
Communication With Family (Can Do MS Webinar) 
Art of Communication (Can Do MS Webinar)

Spiritual Resources Book Guide


Diet and Nutrition Resources

A Few Nutrition Resources 
Quick and Healthy Meals 
Stock Up For Success 
Portion Control Guide 

Useful Nutrition Apps


Exercise and Physical Activity Resources

Exercise Snacks 
Rating Of Perceived Exertion
Cardiovascular Exercises 
General Flexibility Exercises 
Standing Balance Exercises 
Theraband Strength Exercises 
Stretching for People With MS (NMSS Brochure) 
Stretching With a Helper for People With MS (NMSS Brochure)
Yoga In A Chair - Exercise Guide 
Yoga and Stretching Resources 
Physical Therapy Resources 
Stretching Exercise Tips for MS 
Stretches for Seniors by Bob and Brad 
Stretch Routine 
Exercise and Lifestyle Recommendations for People with MS (Article)
The Importance of Social and Physical Activity (CDMS Article)


COVID-19 Resources

Top Questions About COVID-19 and The Vaccine 
Addressing Your Concerns About Vaccines 
COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance for People Living with MS 


Support Partner Resources

Embracing Carers Series
Strengthening Your Support Partnerships (CDMS Webinar)
A Guide For Support Partners (NMSS Brochure) 
Supporting Family Caregivers

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