SKI for MS Loon was hands down a successful and inspiring weekend, blowing their fundraising goal out of the water and bringing in over $14,00 to help families with MS thrive! Thank you to everyone who volunteered, donated, participated and fundraised! A special thank you and a big congratulations to our top fundraisers: Sharon, JR, and Justin! We can’t wait to ski with everyone again next year.

In addition to the scavenger hunt, races, and hootin’ and hollerin’ après party, the adaptive skiing program also very successful and provided a humbling reminder of the physical, emotional, and social superpowers that skiing and that Can Do MS can create, and that a positive attitude and willingness to find a "new normal" can overcome any obstacle.

Can Do MS program manager Brian Thompson led the adaptive experience and had these inspiring stories to share from the day…

Amanda, who drove over six hours to join us, came up to me in tears after her ski day. She was an avid skier, spending many winters at Jackson Hole. She recalled a vacation to Vail when her and husband started dating. It was a big passion for her until she had to give it up about 10 years ago because of balance issues. "I never thought I would get to feel that feeling again." Sandy admitted to being scared when she got here and almost said "F' this" as she was going through the exhausting routine of getting ski clothes on in the morning. But she made it, and with new resolve, did tethered skiing for the first time. It came back to her immediately, and by the end of the day, she was skiing completely independently. The instructor said this was the first time they had seen someone go from a "newbie adaptive" to skiing independently in the same day. With tears in her eyes, she recalled how she felt seeing the view from the top of the chairlift for the first time and the feeling of the wind on her face. "I was going REALLY fast," she said with a mischievous smile."

There were a lot of other great stories, too.

Sandy and Rob, who repeatedly credited the CAN DO® Program for improving their marriage, their health, and their outlook, drove out from Ohio to be part of the program. "What else are you guys going to do on this trip?" "Visit our good friends in Massachusetts...that we kept in touch with from the CAN DO Program.” Randy, who travels to China and Germany often for work but has a hard time standing for more than a few minutes at a time, was able to check something off his "bucket list" by skiing for the first time.

And JR. When his college friends checked in on him and asked how they could help during a difficult time in his life, JR simply said "SKI for MS." And they responded by donating over $2,000. The look on JR's face at the après party, surrounded by friends in his "Embrace the Suck" t-shirt (his personal mantra for how to cope and live with MS), was priceless.

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