Check out, a new resource specifically developed for the MS community that brings together existing resources and support services that can help with the unpredictability of living with MS.

GatherMS provides access to six categories of services, including day-to-day tasks, health and wellness, emotional support, work and life planning, community support and events. The site is launching with national services across these categories. It will also have city-specific services, and new cities will continue to be added.

The GatherMS website has been designed to evolve with the needs of the MS community, providing users with the ability to suggest additional existing services that fall into one of the featured categories. GatherMS also allows users to create their own account to bookmark or even share services of interest.

GatherMS was developed by Genentech in partnership with MS advocacy groups and experts with the goal of gathering existing services and placing them at the MS community’s fingertips, accessible at home or on the go. Visit to learn more.